Advisory Committee

To address the increasing crimes against women and children in metros, B.PAC has launched a Safety initiative for Women and Children under the banner of B.SAFE. B.SAFE is committed to a full fledged program, engaging all stakeholders to advocate the rights of women and children while sensitizing and engaging the community and larger public on this issue. Our women and children have the right to safe and secure environment at work, in schools and in public places.

B.PAC has constituted two expert groups one focused on Women Safety and the other on Child Safety. These groups are tasked with identifying and implementing, with support from all key stakeholders critical action plans which encompasses both in helping prevention of violence, emergency response mechanism and in understanding the judicial redressal system in case of an untoward incident. The programs will be wide ranging from creating large awareness campaign among st the public, to training for gender sensitization of key constituents, to informing and educating people on existing laws, which safeguard women and child rights. Working with support from key departments of the Government, active engagement of police and expertise of several organizations will ensure a holistic and pragmatic approach to delivering the safety initiatives.