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Rapid urbanisation without supportive mass transit/ and motorisation has led to drastic increase in travel times, loss of productivity and reduced mobility access across travel modes.  B.MOBILE is B.PAC’s mobility initiative that works on research, policy advocacy, stakeholder awareness in the areas of sustainable mobility, shared/pooled mobility, nonmotorised transit, para transit including related planning and infrastructure needs for providing seamless and integrated first, middle and last mile connectivity to citizens of Bengaluru.

Our goal is to push for sustainable mobility  for all by encouraging the use of public transport and disincentivizing the private vehicles usage. The primary focus areas of B.MOBILE are as follows:

  1. Governance: To advocate for Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) bill for Bengaluru City with the responsibility to provide a seamless transit experience through the use of technology and interoperability.
  2. Comprehensive Planning for transport: To advocate for a comprehensive mobility plan that is regularly updated based on emerging trends and opportunities
  3. Infrastructure : To advocate for investment in Public Transport Infrastructure and encourage all modes of public transport in the city. The agenda for public transport would include
    1. Bus
    2. Suburban Railways
    3. Metro
    4. Para transit service providers: To encourage shared mobility in para transit services such as autos, cabs, minibuses and bikes with a first and last mile connectivity solutions to mass transit
    5. Pedestrianisation
    6. Intelligent Transport Systems and digitisation for mobility
  4. E-transport: To advocate for implementation of the EV Policy through a comprehensive EV Roadmap with EV targets and investments
  5. Citizen Engagement and Awareness: Through a series of workshops and discussions create awareness about the need to use more sustainable modes of transport