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The B.CLIP Champions series is an initiative to promote the good work and innovations championed by a few of B.CLIP's Civic Leaders. Their work has been pivotal in bringing about positive changes for the city and a tangible measure of a more proactive citizenry. Get to know the B.CLIP Champions here.

Non-Kannadiga to Naanu-Kannadiga

B.CLIP Civic Leader, Sampath Ramanujan saw a growing need for Kannada language workshops for the non-Kannadiga residents since early 2018. He, his wife and a dedicated team embarked on this path to meet this very need and were successful in teaching over 500 people since then.

Implementation of Auto-rickshaw Driver License Display System

C Sampath brought about the implementation of displaying Driver's License in Autos to deter any form of harassment while travelling. It also assured the daily commuters that they are being driven by genuine license holders.

Zero Waste and Eco-Friendly Ramadan

Sufian initiated the zero waste Ramadan movement by replacing plastic waste with the use of crockery plates and cups during the holy season.