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Election Habba is an election awareness campaign initiated by B.PAC that celebrates the electoral process of our country. The campaign is designed to seamlessly connect all aspects of the electoral process that plays an imperative role in the formation of the to-be elected government. It also seeks active participation and involvement of all stakeholders i.e. citizens, local communities, civic societies, corporate associations, welfare associations, candidates of the democratic process, who so far have been working in separation from one another. Election Habba tries to usher in a new era of electoral politics with well informed and enthusiastic voters, leading to good governance through election of committed and responsible leaders.

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Election Habba 2023

The Karnataka State Legislative Assembly elections, which took place in the summer of 2023, elected 224 members of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly or MLAs. The B.PAC Election Habba 2023 campaign created a significant impact through initiatives such as Voter Awareness, Know Your Constituency, Legislative Participation of MLAs, Know Your MLA, and Know Your Candidates, to enthuse voters and spread awareness.

Election Habba 2019

Summer of 2019 witnessed the much anticipated Indian General Elections and Bengaluru (Urban) voted for 3 Lok Sabha constituencies. B.PAC’s Election Habba 2019 campaign initiated One Million New Votes, Voter Awareness Initiatives, MPLAD Fund Utilization Study, Know Your Candidate, My Vote Is Not For Sale, Citizens Meet Candidates, Candidate Endorsement and Vote Bengaluru to create awareness about elections and enthuse voters.


Election Habba 2018

In the 2018 Karnataka Assembly Elections, 27 assembly constituencies of Bengaluru (Urban) saw a closely contested election. B.PAC’s Election Habba 2018 launched several initiatives to spread awareness like One Million New Votes, MLALAD Fund Utilization Report, Bengaluru MLA Rating, Know Your Candidate, Candidate Endorsement, My Vote is NOt for Sale and Vote Bengaluru.

Election Habba 2015

BBMP Municipal Election 2015 was one of the most heavily campaigned and crucial municipal elections for Bengalureans. B.PAC conducted awareness campaigns to enthuse voters and also endorsed candidates who were found worthy based on certain parameters. B.PAC and Daksh conducted Citizen Perception Survey for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 to understand people's perception towards the local administration.


Election Habba 2014

B.PAC launched Election Habba 2014, an election awareness campaign including numerous initiatives such as One Million Votes, Know Your Candidate, Citizens Meet Candidates, Candidate Endorsement, and Vote Bengaluru, to educate people and raise awareness about the Lok Sabha elections and candidates.

Election Habba 2013

To raise knowledge about electoral procedures and the importance of voting, B.PAC's Election Habba 2013 launched initiatives such as Bengaluru MLA Rating and Candidate Endorsement Program.