Bengaluru city went into polls on April 22, 2015 for the BBMP Municipal Election to elect councilors from 198 wards with as many as 36,13,831 registered voters and a total of 1,121 candidates were in the fray.

B.PAC conducted awareness campaigns to enthuse voters and also endorsed candidates who were found worthy based on certain parameters. B.PAC and Daksh conducted Citizen Perception Survey for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 to understand people's perception towards the local administration.

Daksh Citizen Perception Survey 2015-2016

The objectives of this survey is to ascertain citizens’ experience of corruption during their interaction with BBMP, citizens’ Priorities for BBMP services, citizens’ perception about quality of services delivered by BBMP and the citizens’ view on the need for BBMP restructuring.

B.PAC Endorsed Candidates Analysis

23 of B.PAC endorsed candidates across 7 zones win the BBMP General Elections 2015. We congratulate them all and wish them the very best. Looking forward to a better Bengaluru!


B.PAC Citizen Perception Survey 2016-2017

In 2015-16, B.PAC rolled out a large and comprehensive survey with over 10,000 respondents to understand citizens’ perception on various services offered by BBMP. The top 3 priorities for citizens emerging from the survey were waste management, roads and bus shelters. In 2016-17, a dipstick survey with 1140 respondents was conducted to revalidate perception changes with respect to the above mentioned key priorities from the 2015-16 survey and a few additional services offered by other civic agencies.

B.PAC Candidate Endorsement for BBMP General Elections 2015

B.PAC has undertaken the exercise of endorsing the candidates to enable citizens to make a decision in the best interest of their respective wards. A total of 380 candidates in 81 Wards in all 8 BBMP Zones were evaluated and 50 candidates were selected for endorsement of which 23 Female & 27 Male candidates.