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Principles of Participatory Democracy

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B.PAC’s Political engagement, Advocacy and Participatory democracy initiatives for sustainable good governance in Bengaluru City

Goals, Objectives and Activities


To enhance the quality of life of citizens, promote and sustain good governance practices and policies for the economic competitiveness, social well-being and inclusive growth of the city through strengthening political engagement, promoting greater citizen participation and constant interaction with the bureaucracy, as defined in the B.PAC’s Agenda for Bengaluru.


To constantly engage with elected leaders, institutions and civic society through sustainable good governance initiatives in building a safe, green and vibrant Bengaluru to enhance the quality of life.


In order to achieve the Vision and Mission, that eventually leads to the Goals of “Participatory Democracy”, we have identified a set of principles which also become the “pillars” of the whole initiative. The Pillars of the Program have been defined below.