In the 2018 Karnataka Assembly Elections, 27 assembly constituencies of Bengaluru (Urban) saw a closely contested three-cornered state election between BJP, INC and JDS. As usual only 57.38% people from Bangalore Urban voted in the 2013 elections and there was an innate need to get more people to vote for the 2018 elections.

B.PAC’s Election Habba 2018 launched several initiatives to spread awareness about electoral procedures and importance of voting like One Million New Votes, MLALAD Fund Utilization Report, Bengaluru MLA Rating, Know Your Candidate, Candidate Endorsement, My Vote is Not for Sale, Vote Bengaluru etc.

MLA Lad Fund Utilization Study

Member of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development is a scheme that enables each MLA to undertake small developmental works in his/her constituency through the allocated funds of Rs. 2 crores per year.

MLA Rating

B.PAC strongly believes in meaningful participation in democratic processes requires informed citizens. For Karnataka 2018 Assembly Elections, we have undertaken several initiatives under our Participatory Democracy Program to help the citizens of Bengaluru to come together in the various stages of elections and vote for a better Bengaluru.


Citizens Manifesto for Bengaluru City and Assembly constituencies

Every time a state prepares for elections, a great deal of effort goes into campaigning. An integral part of political party campaigning is the use of party manifestos to outline the vision of a political party.


An initiative, intended to create awareness among the citizens about the candidates across national parties, state parties and independents, contesting the Karnataka Elections 2018 of their respective constituencies in the city of Bengaluru.



As Karnataka gears up for its elections that will be held on the 12th of May 2018, more and more citizens join B.PAC’s “My vote is not for sale” campaign to spread the much needed awareness to the voters and demonstrate active roles in the upcoming elections to make the election process ethical and clean.

Candidate Endorsement

In 2018 Assembly elections there are 483 candidates contesting in 27 Bengaluru city Assembly Constituencies including 27 incumbent MLA’s. From amongst this onerous list we have identified 28 candidates from 18 constituencies (excluding Jayanagar AC which is postponed) for endorsement.


Vote Bengaluru

VoteBengaluru, is an essential part of the entire Election Habba campaign. In this campaign, we urge and motivate voters to “get out and vote” without fail on May 12th 2018.