It is an action group that is committed to improving the quality of life for all citizens of Bangalore by focusing on improving governance.

BPAC’s development agenda draws upon the advice and suggestions of many past committees that have looked at what the city needs. Also, these days we are able to access the best practices of many cities around the world, thanks to global connectivity, and we would like to see those best practices adopted here too.

We are sure the agenda is broad-based, and addresses the needs of all Bangaloreans. An initial set of people have come together to draw up the ways in which we can take this agenda forward. We can always add more things to the agenda as the needs of the city change over time.

It is the responsibility of successful people to act on behalf of everyone else. We have seen how many cities around the world have been developed in an inclusive way by great leadership, and we think that can be done here too. If the city develops economically, infrastructurally, socially, then everyone will benefit , and that should be the goal.

The initial agenda is focused on development and governance. Certainly, more things can be added to it.

BPAC will have a regular outreach program, which will keep supporters informed of what’s going on in the city, and how they can participate in making the right changes happen. We invite everyone to register their email and other contacts on the BPAC web site.

There are many things in the agenda that BPAC has drawn up. We encourage citizens to select any portion that interests them, and join us in making that agenda come true.

BPAC’s intervention is strongly linked to influencing elections in a positive way. Our immediate goal is to see how we can do that in the Assembly elections.

The long term goals are as in the AfB. We have developed a set of strategic steps we will take to achieve this agenda, though elections, in the courts, through advocacy, and awareness.