B.ACCOUNTABLE is B.PAC's program designed to promote research and advocacy in civic areas which enables open data and information dissemination to citizens. The existence of multiple parastatal agencies and government-allied institutions which bear responsibilities in various domains, inclusive of water supply and sewerage, local governance, town planning and urban transport among others makes the urban governance system in the country complex. The vision of the program is to advocate better practices and innovative policy changes.


A list of initiatives under the B.ACCOUNTABLE Program

Research and Advocacy

The research initiative of B.PAC, undertakes extensive in depth research on matters of governance, finance and budgets of BBMP and Government of Karnataka, and other relevant subjects pertaining to Bengaluru. The primary aim of research conducted at B.PAC is to disseminate information and data to citizens in simplified format. The research is driven by data collected through primary or secondary means, aimed at providing accurate evidence to support advocacy and policy suggestions across all tiers of governance.


Regulatory Affairs

The chief role of the Regulators is protection and endorsement of public interest. Under the Regulatory Affairs initiative, B.PAC submits data backed analysis and observations to the regulators annually, to protect the interest of citizens of Bengaluru. B.PAC actively engages with two regulators at present - Airport Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) and Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC). The purpose of engagement with Regulators is to ensure that the inefficiencies in the sector are not borne by consumers.



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