Vote Bengaluru Campaign

B.PAC in association with Radio One 94.3 FM organised a month long Radio Campaign to sensitise citizens on the importance of exercising their franchise. A show named Bangalore Vision 2020 in which Eminent citizens of Banaglore  like Justice Santhosh Heghde and few of the B.PAC core committee members shared their vision and aspirations on Bangalore’s future and the responsibility of the citizens of Bangalore in collectively attaining this Vision.

In the show, our Election Guru, Cdr. PG Bhatt, who has been working to sanitize the voters’ list which is riddles with duplicates and errors answered citizens’ queries on  their Voter Id issues.

This initiative was organised by the B.PAC Civic Leadership Incubator Program (B.CLIP), Batch I participants, “Vote for a Better Bangalore” was a door to door campaign to sensitize the importance of voting during the Lok Sabha Elections. The campaign was conducted in five wards on different days and residents were encouraged to exercise their franchise.

The Bangalore Political Action Committee hopes that the new government at the center and the State’s elected representatives will bring in much needed infrastructure and resources to the State which has seen very little investment in the last few years. As a stakeholder in the affairs of the city, B.PAC will continue to work with the new government and also advocate changes and reforms in areas of urban development, safety and quality of life for Bangalore


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