The Karnataka State Legislative Assembly slated to take place in the summer of 2023, will elect 224 members of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly or MLAs. The outcome will determine the next incumbent to take up the mantle of the Chief Minister of the state.

While the last Karnataka Assembly Election in 2018 had the greatest voter turnout since the 1952 assembly elections (72.13%), Bengaluru lagged behind with a voter turnout of only 54.72%.

The Karnataka MLA elections are crucial as they will determine the state's future trajectory and the well-being of its citizens. The elected representatives shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding the welfare and interests of their constituents through implementation of laws & policies. Beyond their legislative duties, MLAs play an integral role in influencing the formation and functioning of the government, including the appointment of the Chief Minister and other ministers.

There is an underlying need to increase Bengaluru’s voter turnout for the upcoming state elections in 2023. In order to encourage more citizens to vote in upcoming Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections and create election awareness, B.PAC has launched Election Habba 2023, an electoral election awareness campaign that celebrates the festival of democracy.

Voter Awareness Initiative

In order to increase voter turnout during elections, B.PAC carries out several voter awareness campaign and sensitisation initiatives that promote and educate the citizens on everything related to voting. The team conducts electoral literacy workshops, panel discussions, cyclothons, marathons, and marches/jaata in collaboration with civically conscious partners and supporters.

Know Your Constituency

Our Know Your Constituency campaign collates information about all the 27 Bengaluru Urban constituencies for the voters to make informed voting decisions in the forthcoming karnataka state legislative assembly [KYW] elections. One can learn about the MLAs, demographics, history, and ward details, etc.