Application form (this part) is information only


Application form is the main application form which needs to be filled by the applicant. There is also a section for 3 people to recommend the applicant for the program. This part must specifically be filled by the recommenders and not by the applicant.


Application form is where the applicant will have to get 100 voters to back him/her for this program by capturing their names, contact numbers, voter IDs and signatures.


The application will be available on the B.PAC website. All the details in part 2 of the application form need to be filled up except the recommendations. The recommendations along with part 3 of the application form (the 100 signed voter list) can either be scanned and uploaded or posted to the B.PAC Office.


The applications can be downloaded from the B.PAC website or collected from B.PAC office.

B.PAC No. 4/6, Ground Floor Millers Road Opp.

Vikram Hospital,

Bangalore 560052

Tel# +91-08041521797

If any organization would like to help us reach out to more applicants, please let us know by dropping an email to: and we will courier to you applications in both Kannada and English.

Part 1 of the application form is for information only while Part 2 is the main application form. The recommendation section must be filled by the recommenders and not the applicants. Part 3 will contain the details of the 100 voters that back the applicant for this program.


  • Should be eligible to vote for the BBMP election in their respective wards
  • Should not have been disqualified under law from contesting elections
  • Should not have any criminal cases against him / her and /or should not have been convicted in the court of law for serious offences
  • Should not have any cases against him/ her for molestation of women and children
  • Should produce a signed list of 100 voters from his/her ward backing him/her, with their names, contact numbers and voter ID numbers
  • Should have demonstrated track record of competency, integrity and self-worth
  • Should have demonstrated passion for civic activities and a track record of public service, preferably in the same ward


  • Anyone meeting the required criteria may apply.
  • Women candidates are encouraged to apply.
  • Existing corporators can also apply.
  • Decision of the Selection Committee will be final.


  • Q: Is there a fee for the program?

    A: Once selected for the program, a participant will have to pay a refundable deposit of Rs.5,000/. This amount will be refunded on successful completion of the program. Financial assistance will be provided on a need basis for applicants who are not in a position to pay this amount.

  • Q: If I successfully complete this program, will B.PAC endorse me in future?

    A: Endorsement of candidates by B.PAC is totally independent of this program.

  • Q: Is this program affiliated to any university or institution? Will I be given any certification on completion of this program?

    A: This program is not affiliated to any university or institution. However, Takshashila will provide a certificate to candidates on successful completion of the program.

  • Q. Should I have any specific educational qualification to apply for the program?

    A. There is no specific criteria for educational qualification. Any person can apply to the program as long as he/she meets all the criteria defined.

  • Q. If I am not a registered voter of Bangalore, can I still apply to this program?

    A. This program is open only for registered voters of Bangalore.

  • Q. Is there an age limit for applying to the program?

    A. There is no specific age limit for applying to the program. Any person can apply to the program as long as he/she meets all the criteria defined.

  • Q. Where will the training be held?

    A. The training will be held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan located on Race Course Road, Bangalore.