Namma Bengaluru, Namma Manifesto

‘NAMMA BENGALURU’, capital of Karnataka State, labelled as one of the fastest growing cities globally, has become critical to the economic prosperity of both the State and the Country. This growth has resulted in attracting talent from far corners of the country and internationally. The broad based population of the city has rendered a cosmopolitan nature, making it known internationally.
The fast-paced growth of the City has brought in its share of problems as well. The demand for civic services such as mobility, power, roads, water, environment and the like has outpaced the carrying capacities of the current infrastructure. There is a constant need to revise our assumptions about such facilities and a change in approach to being proactive as well.
Karnataka is on the threshold of elections, to decide on the next political formation that will run its affairs during five years (2023-2027). It is time for all political parties to step back and visualise what needs to be done in the future. Such thoughts are normally incorporated in the ‘Manifesto’ that every political party comes out prior to elections, informing the citizens of its vision for the State and the City.
In view of this, B.PAC, has engaged with citizens & experts for several months to identify Bengaluru issues that matter to them. The first step was to identify the top five high impact areas the Government should act on. Through a Citizen Perception Survey, five areas were identified as: City Governance, Mobility, Solid Waste Management, Water & Sanitation and Women & Child Safety.
B.PAC, later, held a series of roundtable focussed group discussion with experts in each of these identified subjects. The outcome of these discussions have been documented and enclosed. They are in the nature of Macro recommendations for providing for the long term needs of the City. We earnestly request you to include these recommendations in your Party Manifesto, as it would become a basis for action later.
B.PAC, through these efforts, has worked towards bringing people closer to governance issues through a participatory process. Your effort to incorporate the recommendations in your Manifestos would amount to recognition of people’s aspirations and encourage them to get closer and engage in more meaningful dialogue with the political system. Such strengthening of democratic process would augur well for the future.
The upcoming state elections in Karnataka is being keenly watched both at national and international levels. Political systems responding positively to people’s aspirations, will not only create competitive politics for improvement of the City but also set benchmarks for the rest of the Country, reinforcing the primacy of Bengaluru on matters of progress. Namma Bengaluru, growing inclusively and sustainably, will be a matter of pride for us and the generations to come.

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Pls find attached the observations of the Roundtable discussions on the manifesto

1. EH 2023 B.PAC Political parties 2018 Election Manifesto
2. EH 2023 B.PAC Political parties Manifesto V/s Budget 2019-23

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