Election Habba is an election awareness campaign initiated by B.PAC that celebrates the electoral process of our country. The campaign is designed to seamlessly connect all aspects of the electoral process that plays an imperative role in the formation of the to-be elected government. It also seeks active participation and involvement of all stakeholders i.e. citizens, local communities, civic societies, corporate associations, welfare associations, candidates of the democratic process, who so far have been working in separation from one another. Election Habba tries to usher in a new era of electoral politics with well informed and enthusiastic voters, leading to good governance through election of committed and responsible leaders.

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One Million New Votes

OMNV or One Million New Votes is a B.PAC initiated campaign aimed at encouraging new voters into the electoral rolls who have not yet been registered. Voter registration drives are conducted across the city making it easier for the potential voter to get their name enlisted.

Voter Awareness Initiative

B.PAC has decided to aid in spreading awareness about voting. The Voter Awareness Initiative was born out of this need to promote and educate the citizens on everything regarding voting. Workshops, talks, parades & marches were some of the activities conducted under this campaign.


MPLAD Fund Utilization Study

The members of the Parliament Local Area Development Division are entrusted with the responsibility of the implementation of MPLADS (Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme). Under this scheme, each MP has the option to suggest to the DC (District Collector) regarding development works to be taken up in his/her constituency to the tune of INR 5 crore per annum.

Know Your Candidate

An initiative intended to create awareness among the citizens about the candidates across national parties, state parties and independents, who are contesting in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 from their respective constituencies in the city of Bengaluru.


My Vote Is Not For Sale

‘My Vote Is Not For Sale’ campaign arose out of a need to educate and better equip citizens to make informed decisions and turn down any voting related solicitations. We aim to spread the message of a clean & fair elections this year.

Citizens Meet Candidates

B.PAC in association with Deccan Herald, Prajavani and TV5 Kannada conducted "Citizens Meet Candidates" initiative where contesting candidates were invited to have a discussion with the stakeholders of their respective constituencies in order to establish maximum transparency and communication.



In 2019 Lok Sabha elections there are 78 candidates contesting in 3 Bengaluru city Parliamentary Constituencies including 2 incumbent MPs. From amongst this onerous list we have identified SIX candidates for endorsement.

Vote Bengaluru

VoteBengaluru is the final and the most important part of the entire Election Habba 2019 campaign. At this point of the campaign we remind Bengalureans their duty as responsible citizens and motivate them to vote without fail on the 18th of April.