Vote Bengaluru

#VoteBengaluru is the final and the most important part of the entire Election Habba 2019 campaign. At this point in the campaign, we remind Bengalureans of their duty as responsible citizens and motivate them to vote without fail on the 18th of April.

B.PAC has been working tirelessly to spread the message of a more proactive and transparent election this year. A series of inspiring and thought-provoking messages urging people to vote was shared on social media coupled with coverage of election-related news. Several awareness walkathons and marches in association with educational institutes, NGOs, RWAs were organised across the city for mass awareness and reach. Videos by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, President B.PAC and T.V. Mohandas Pai, Vice President B.PAC urges CEOS and heads of institutions to encourage their employees to go and vote and prioritize voting over taking an extended weekend vacation.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, President of B.PAC addresses the citizens of Bengaluru to go out and vote this 18th of April for the 17th Lok Sabha Elections. She urges all corporates to spread the message and encourage all their employees to take part in the process of democracy.

TV Mohandas Pai, Vice President B.PAC calling all CEOs and colleagues to encourage their staff to actively take part in this election and not to consider this as a vacation as our future lies in our votes.

On the day of voting, every citizen who has cast their vote can share their moment of pride by sharing a picture of their inked finger using the hashtag #ProudMatadhara on their social media. The pics can be of individuals or of groups. B.PAC has prepared a special filter on Facebook for these pictures to show solidarity among the voters and for trending online. Voters can also share their experiences and urge people who have not voted to vote.

 B.PAC Analysis of voter participation in Bengaluru parliamentary constituencies during Lok Sabha 2019 Elections.


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