Vote Bengaluru

#VoteBengaluru, is an essential part of the entire Election Habba campaign. In this campaign, we urge and motivate voters to “get out and vote” without fail on May 12th 2018. The month-long campaign also includes a series of inspiring and thought-provoking messages
encouraging people to vote.

There are a series of initiatives under #VoteBengaluru

  • Twitter is our official partner to promote voting and elections. We are doing an exciting countdown series reminding the Bengalureans about the number of days remaining until the election. Along with the same, we are also sharing some interesting trivia about elections.
  • Heroes of Bengaluru and Fever 104 FM spearhead a video campaign where we ask prominent citizens to pledge to vote on May 12th. The campaign idea is promoted on the radio station regularly too.
  • We are sharing interesting and inspiring thoughts and quotations online.


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