Should Mayors be directly elected?

A directly elected mayor should be a political option, not a constitutional decree. Each time an Indian city is hit by a major urban crisis, we hear exasperated queries about why our cities are so dysfunctional. While there are multiple reasons for India’s urban woes, one of the underlying problems is the absence of powerful and politically accountable leadership in [...]

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Road Transportation Issues in Bengaluru

Driving on the streets of Bengaluru requires a particular set of skills – and a key skill seems to be how to survive in an environment that does not seem to have any rules! The extreme congestion during peak hours and all day congestion in certain sections of the roads can be categorised under the “3 Es”: Engineering, Education & [...]

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CSR Funds Alleviate Traffic Jams at Whitefield, Bangalore

Perhaps the best idea to come out of the Government of India in recent times was to require companies (beyond a certain size) to set aside 2% of their post-tax income towards investments of social value. Used properly, this can be a powerful fuel for localities and their corporate denizens to collaborate to solve local problems. We’re seeing some of [...]

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Mayors as leaders of Indian Cities

Any avid reader of superhero comic books will tell you that apart from the superhero with supernatural powers, it is the mayor of the city where the tale is set, who wields the most power and authority. These representations of mayors do not stem entirely from the imagination of the comic-book creators but are based on the authoritative figures cut [...]

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Right to Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is still a great challenge in the country; in 2008, 96 per cent of urban Indian and 84 percent of rural India had access to improved water averaging to 88 per cent which is a drastic improvement from 72 per cent in 1990. But unfortunately 67 per cent of Indian households do not treat their drinking water, [...]

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Non-Motorised Vehicle Policy to Ease Pollution

Sixty per cent of Chennai civic body’s transport budget will be dedicated to non-motorised transport. Nayantara Narayanan, Chennai is rethinking it priorities. Its municipal corporation, the oldest in India, is creating a network of footpaths, cycle tracks and greenways to encourage residents to walk or cycle and to ease the passage of human-powered transport like cycle rickshaws and pushcarts. The [...]

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Towards more Professionalism in Governance

Exasperating – BBMP’s net property tax payment experience From 1st April, when BBMP’s property tax collection was set in motion, I had been mentally girdling myself up to undertake the task of making the payment on the net, the past experiences having been not too happy, to say the least. Meanwhile, yesterday, there was the following exchange between members of [...]

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Bengaluru: Water Matters

Quenching Bengalureans’ thirst and supplying tap water to the city is the most expensive affair, and is dipping into the BWSSB finances on a daily basis.A hike in water rates by the BWSSB is always condemned, followed by a massive outrage in the media, and then it ends in political fireworks and a price roll back. Everyday 900-1000 Million Litres [...]

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The Earth Warriors

Ravi Kumar S, a dynamic, young man had an interest to indulge in causes of social relevance. This made him give up a plush corporate job at Standard Chartered and make a career jump He was very recent conferred with the Bangalore Youth Icon Award for his relentless efforts in the area of solid waste management (SWM)that was very unlikely [...]

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A Walk through the streets of Manhattan…

It’s a clear blue sky this Monday 30th Sept morning and promises to be real pleasant with temperatures in the 70s. We are staying at an apt on the corner of 60 St West and Amsterdam Ave. There is repair / replacement work of water pipelines on 60th street between West End Ave and Columbus Ave. At several places a [...]

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