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In the Ballot, I Find Power: A Resolution to Vote in 2024 for a Stronger Tomorrow

In the 2004 Lok Sabha Elections, as I stood in the serene space of the voting booth, facing the ballot, the true impact of my vote became apparent. The simplicity of the act carried immense weight. It wasn’t merely pressing a button on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM); it was a declaration, a manifestation of my voice in the grand […]

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Innovate to Govern – Navigating Technology’s Role in Shaping Good Governance

The rapid evolution of technology has fundamentally altered the landscape of governance, presenting unprecedented opportunities to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability. In the past, technological advancements, such as the advent of the internet, facilitated improved communication, data access, and citizen engagement. This shift allowed governments to streamline administrative processes, share information more readily, and involve citizens in decision-making. In the […]

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Tomorrow, Let’s Move Different: Navigating the Future with Sustainable Urban Mobility and Energy Conservation

In the bustling city of Bengaluru, the demand for public transport has increased significantly due to the city’s rapid growth and population expansion. The city’s rapid growth has led to an increase in travel needs, creating a demand for public transport. However, the city’s mobility sector faces several challenges, including dependence on private vehicles, insufficient public transport, and high pollution […]

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Empower, Engage, Lead : How to Become a Civic Leader in Bengaluru?

“Our dream is to create a collective of 5,000 people making a difference in the everyday lives of our residents.”  – Revathy Ashok, CEO, B.PAC In the vibrant cityscape of Bengaluru, where the pace of development is matched only by the diversity of its population, the need for dedicated civic leaders has never been more apparent. Civic leaders play a […]

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