B.PAC_Waste Management

Addressing the age-old question of Waste Management

It is a common sight in any city in India, to be walking down a lane and finding a heap of garbage which generally doesn’t belong there. Waste management has been in the talks for as long as one can remember but was officially launched into a scheme in 2014 as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

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EV Roadmap

Bengaluru needs an EV Roadmap

Bengaluru’s rapidly evolving transportation sector is one of the key causes of local air pollution, rising greenhouse gases (GHG), and associated health problems. In Bengaluru, road transport contributes to over 40% of carbon emission (TV Ramachandra et. al, 2015), with many urban transport systems already under strain and mobility demand predicted to grow significantly in the future, mobility needs to […]

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