Are our schools safe from fires? What can you do about it?

A park with a river right next to it. Colourful slides, beautiful wall paintings that encourage communal harmony amongst all, and greenery all around. Who would not want to spend some time in such a park? The answer to this could well be ‘the parents of the 94 children who lost their lives in the tragic fire accident in the [...]

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POCSO through the eyes of a 16 year old

The Protection of Child from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act has become a commonly heard term when it comes to child safety all over India. Being a 16 year old  it brings me a sense of comfort. But there exists several shortcomings. The first is to understand that POCSO cases need to be handled very differently compared to usual cases. This [...]

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Paedophilia at our doorstep!

This vandal act in a Bangalore school is a crime that opens our eyes in many different ways. It tells us that we are a “Big City” with typical “Big City” problems gnawing at all of us. It opens our eyes to the fact that even our little ones are not away from the dirty touch of such acts. In [...]

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It shouldn’t hurt to be a child…

Okay, here’s a rapid-fire: 1. What is the most dreaded question to a parent from a child? 2. What is the question that most parents avoid answering directly? 3. What is the topic that parents always hope their children will get to know through some other means but not from them? 4. What is the topic that always gets communicated [...]

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Do you want to be the change?

All of Bangalore was rocked last week by the shocking news of an innocent six-year old being raped in her school. Our newspapers scream child rape and molestation every single day. Not to mention women being raped in every corner of the country. Only, they scream from the pages that do not technically make “headlines”. So, what was different about [...]

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