What does democracy mean -Aditi Shetty

What does democracy mean to a 16 year old?

Democracy to me essentially means power in the hands of the people, because we as citizens of our country have the right to elect our leaders and choose who represents us. The beauty of it is that every citizen, regardless of their caste, religion, socioeconomic status, or gender, have an equal opportunity to impact the future of our country. There […]

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What democracy represents Siddharth Sathya

What democracy represents

Democracy, the great experiment of the west. Not a perfect system, but the next best thing. For any functioning democracy, the four pillars that hold it up must gleam in the light of this new dawn. They must propel our vision of democracy into the heavenly skies and out of reach of the knifing humans that seek to bring it down. But what is our vision of […]

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