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B.ENGAGED, B.PAC's participatory democracy program aims at engaging with the elected representatives, government institutions and citizen groups to provide a platform in order to promote good governance practices that further enhance the economic, political, social and environmental factors of our city.

The vision of this program is to enhance the quality of life of the citizens by advancing good governance practices like accountability, transparency, efficiency and equity among the representatives of our city which will eventually lead to the goal of 'Participatory Democracy'.


A list of the various initiatives under the B.ENGAGED program

Elected Representative Engagement Program

This program aims to work with the elected representatives closely to identify and solve problems at a micro level along with the citizens. This program also aims to bridge the gap between the citizens and the elected representatives, thus building a level of trust amongst them.


Citizen Dashboard

The Citizen Dashboard attempts to provide ward/constituency wise information about the elected Corporators, MLAs and MPs and the civic bodies of Bengaluru on a single platform to the public for better engagement, resolution of civic issues and transparency.



The Participatory Democracy Fellowship offers students with the opportunity to work closely with elected representatives, undertake research, aid in policymaking and help in implementing some initiatives in their constituencies, thus giving them practical exposure to public administration and governance. We are currently implementing the fellowship with the Department of Public Policy, Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru.



Election Habba

Election Habba is an election awareness campaign designed to seamlessly connect all the aspects of an electoral process that play a decisive role in the formation of an elected government. It seeks to create a bridge and increase active participation of all stakeholders who have so far been working in islands.



Many Corporates working out of Bengaluru want to contribute back to the city and take part in the problem solving through either CSR funds, technology or volunteer engagement. We provide a platform between them and the elected representatives, civic bodies and other stakeholders to solve issues.



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Our Partners

B.PAC's Partners under B.ENGAGED program