Save Balabrooie Campaign

One fine morning Bengaluru woke up to a rude shock that the beautiful 150-year-old Balabrooie, now a guest house that once housed eminent persons such as Rabindranath Tagore, Jawaharlal Nehru was going to be demolished to make way for a legislator’s club.

We along with other concerned citizens made a strong representation and protest march demanding maintenance of our history. Citizens of Bengaluru from all walks of life joined hands to save Balabrooie. As a result of these representations, the Chief Minister, Mr. Sidaramiah * speaker of legislative Council, Mr. Kagodu Thimappa assured the representatives of Save Balabrooie Committee that the guest house would not be demolished and that no trees will be felled in the premises. It was a collective win for the people of the city and clearly demonstrated people’s power!



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