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Reservation for Women in Politics and Why it should be Encouraged

Leadership in the higher echelons of a government is a reflection of the state of its citizens with regards to gender composition, justice, broad-mindedness, and impartiality in various government institutions. Equal number of women in politics can bring fresh perspectives on how to eliminate gender-based violence, improve childcare, pensions, gender-equality laws, and electoral reforms. Making it easier for more women [...]

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Constitution Day Of India

Interesting facts on the framework that upholds our nation “However good a Constitution may be, if those who are implementing it are not good, it will prove to be bad. However bad a Constitution may be, if those implementing it are good, it will prove to be good.” Dr. BR Ambedkar Every nation has a written constitution that summarises [...]

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Pothole free roads in Namma Bengaluru is possible?

Palikes road infrastructure tenders, workorder, quality of road delivery, passing the bill and opening the roads for citizen use Indian Road Congress(IRC), Urban Road design standards says following layers in a bituminous Pavement are to be maintained to have a long-lasting road, in general works tared roads. Bituminous Base Course, Bituminous Binder Course and  Bituminous Concrete Sub caste / [...]

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Civic Literacy: Nation-Building Education that goes Beyond Politics

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” – Thomas Jefferson Civic sensibility extends beyond simple road maintenance and planting trees. It is a holistic idea of becoming a reflection of responsible and a liable citizen. Imagine a city where everyone has a sense of responsibility for the economy, ecology, and society. They are [...]

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Kempegowda Jayanthi – Celebrating the Founding Father Of Bengaluru

Nadaprabhu Hiriya Kempe Gowda, far-famed as Kempe Gowda, was a chieftain of the Vijayanagara Empire who ruled over prominent areas of Karnataka in the 16th century. This highly esteemed personality is credited with being a "benevolent" and "compassionate" ruler. Historians glorify the benefaction of the great ruler as being the "Founding Father" of Bangalore. Kempe Gowda successfully vitalized the [...]

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Empowering Women In Politics

A Much Needed Reform In Political Dynamics “This Woman's Place Is In The House- The House Of Representatives.” -Bella Abzug Women were once kept out of the socio-political domain all around the world. They were not welcome at the head of nations' political affairs. Daughters, sisters, wives, and homemakers, child carriers, household servants, dutiful wives, self-sacrificing mothers, and other [...]

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10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Namma Bengaluru

‘Namma Bengaluru is not just a phrase, it’s an emotion.’ If there is one city in India, which makes every visitor, job seeker, student, or even a traveller fall in love with the place, it is Bengaluru. Often known as the city of immigrants, it was founded by Kempe Gowda and stands tall as one of India's fastest-growing metropolitan [...]

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The Wind Of Change
A Remarkable Shift In Female Population In India

“Just imagine what would happen if your daughter was standing there. What would you do, how would you fight? So you have to join hands, you have to take each child as your daughter. Soon you will feel their sorrow and then you will feel the strength that comes out of you to protect them.” -Anuradha Koirala 24th January [...]

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Bengaluru Urban Floods And How They Can Be Contained

On 21st Nov 2021, Yelahanka received the highest rainfall of 153 mm followed by Horamavu in Mahadevapura zone (103 mm), Kannuru gram panchayat (143.5 mm). On 22nd Nov 2021, Yelahanka recorded 130 mm of rain which led to massive floods. Many residential complexes and academic institutions were affected due to this. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and State Disaster [...]

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Understanding Roles & responsibilities Of Rajya Sabha Members

The ‘Council of States’, ‘House of Elders’, ‘The Second Chamber’ are a few of the several names of Rajya Sabha, which is the upper house of India’s bicameral constitution. The origin of Rajya Sabha can be traced to the Montague-Chelmsford Report, of 1918 which became a theoretical basis of the Government of India Act, 1919, which led to the [...]

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