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Remodeling Our Approach towards Menstruation

Menstruation is one of the essential phases in the life of a woman. Despite it, menstruation is still considered taboo in many parts of India.

Origin of Different Perspectives On Menstruation: A Historical Overview

Menstruation, a biological phenomenon unique to girls, is subject to the misogyny that manifests in taboos and myths that outcast women from many aspects of their socio-cultural life.

Initiating a Conversation Around Menstruation for Women Empowerment: Socio-cultural Aspects in Urban & Rural Areas Worldwide

Vineeta was 11 when she had her first menstrual experience. She was at home preparing for her final exams and panicked when she found herself bleeding


COVID-19 has indeed altered the world’s outlook dramatically as it has brought momentous and unexpected changes in many people’s lives.

The Catalyst of Change: Participation of Women in Politics

Women in most countries remain under-represented in policymaking. Female representation in Indian politics thus remains conflicted and suffers from deep structural and systemic difficulties.

Panel discussion on Empowerment of Women in Politics, Governance and Entrepreneurship

A stimulating discussion on “Empowerment of women in politics, governance, and entrepreneurship” was jointly organized by the Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) and Consulate General of France on 4th March 2021 as a celebration of International Women’s day.

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B.SAFE Conducts Gender Sensitisation Of BMTC Staff

B.PAC has often addressed the urgent issues and big questions by finding feasible and executable solutions. So when research began to show that

Terrace Farming: Agriculture in the urban jungle

If you live in a dense and populous city such as Bangalore, space comes at an absolute premium. Chances are that you might not have access to an expansive backyard for all your gardening needs. This is where terrace gardening comes into play. In a world where healthy eating habits, organic food, and environmental awareness are rapidly becoming more widespread, [...]

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Top 10 Safety Measures which Must be Implemented for Women

Crimes against Women- Why is the road to justice so long or never never... The NCRB figures are grim ..it shows on average over 100 rapes are reported per day across our country, that’s 35000 plus reported cases per year and unreported may be several hundred thousand of domestic violence, sexual harassment of all kinds, and many more rape incidents. [...]

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B.CLIP Leaders in Party Positions

Our flagship initiative, B.CLIP -  B.PAC Civic Leadership Incubator Program has been grooming civic leaders for Namma Bengaluru for the past 7 years. This apolitical, non-discriminatory training program, has equipped countless driven individuals with skills in public policy analysis, municipal administration, political landscape, election dynamics, and other relevant knowledge.

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