Paint the Kote Red

B.PAC in association with the Bangalore Residency program at the Goethe-Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan MOD-Institute and Suchitra Film Society organized the event Let’s Paint the Kote red. The two German filmmakers—Miriam Jakobs and Gerhard Schick, both part of Bangalore Residency—were astonished to hear about the lesser-known Tipu Sultan Fort in Bengaluru. The then fortified town was stretched across a vast area, unlike what it is now, where only partial remains of the fort are found in KR Market. In an attempt to imagine the original boundary of the fort and recreate it, the filmmaker duo decided to host a heritage party. We laid a white boundary around the fort with rangoli powder and walked along the path for about 2 km, at midnight. Midnight.

Well-known singer M D Pallavi energized the crowd with a few songs, while an aero drone captured the video of the event. Around 200 participants led by our B.PAC member Mr. Praksh Belavadi marked the fort area red, metaphorically.



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