Green Ambassador is a six month internship program offered by Full Circle in association with B.PAC for college students with focus on solving urban environmental issues such as Solid waste management, Water management, and Energy conservation.

The Green Ambassador program is inspired by ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” a national level campaign by the Union Government of India spearheaded by our Prime minister.

The program provides students with

1. Opportunity to devote time for voluntary work in community development

2. Provide hands on exposure to work on complex urban environmental issues

3. Develop personality through community service.

1. Sensitize young individuals to persisting environmental and civic problems

2. Provide a platform for creativity in solving complex urban environmental issues

3. Train young students to become civic leaders

4. Make Bengaluru a Clean & Green city

50 to 100 students are enrolled from each college who are willing to commit for six months of Civic engagement program, primary focus of the program will be on issues related to Solid waste management, Water management, and Energy conservation. Students will have to choose any one of the above mentioned issue for the program.

The program is planned in three phases

Phase – 1 Six hours of classroom training and a exposure visit will equip students with required theoretical knowledge on the selected issue.

Phase – 2 Students will have to take up the field activity of their choice with minimum 50 hours of work which has to completed within next four months, for which Full Circle will assist students by providing the required resources & mentorship.

Phase – 3 After completion of their filed project students will have to document all their experience and work done and present a detailed project report to Full Circle

On successful completion of the internship program students will be given a Green Ambassador certificate,

Full Circle aims to train about 3000 students from 20 to 25 colleges across Bengaluru by the end of 2015

Expected outcome
1. Develop sensitive community Leaders

2. Create a new breed of problem solving community

3. Promote innovation & creativity in solving complex urban environmental issues

Institutions enrolled:
• BNM Pre University College.

• Mount Carmel College.

• Vasavi Education Trust.

• BMS Women College.

For more details, Contact:

Ms Sushma Mahabala, Program Director,

B.CLEAN/B.GREEN @ +91-7829481927/+91-9448571861 or

write to



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