Engineer to Civic Hero
Mr. Amith Nigli, a BCLIP2 participant; initially an engineer by profession was urging towards improving the quality of education in the city. This gave birth to “Niglis Preschool”; the school looks to enhance the quality of primary education by providing personalized care and support that encourages overall child development. After making a mark with children, he decided to reach out to improve the quality of life in his society. When he came in contact with the Resident’s Welfare Association in his area of Banaswadi, the association was fighting with various agencies for their civic amenities, this group amalgamated with 5 other Resident Welfare Associations and today in total they are called Federation of Bengaluru North East Residents Welfare Associations (NERWA).

Federation NERWA in which Mr. Nigli is an executive committee member and spokesperson wanted to transform the “black spots”; where garbage is being dumped. These black spots were at cross roads on the walker’s path of 8th Main, HRBR Layout alongside the storm water drain. The problem was of two folds, first to identify the people causing the black spots and second converting the black spots to beauty spots says Mr Amith. After many brainstorming sessions with NERWA, Amith came up with the most economical solution of converting these spots into small benches where people could rest during or after their walks. The project was funded by the core committee members and executed with the support of the BBMP. This effort of NERWA once again proved the motto which Amith works on “Be the change, you want to see.”NERWA also runs a Waste Management Cell (WMC) where segregated garbage is picked up at your doorstep which is then sent for recycling or to the compost.  After the installation of the bench on 30th July, 2014, there has been no garbage dumped. This would not have been possible but for the cooperation and support of the residents and public of HRBR Layout. This project has not only promoted but also created awareness of waste segregation and disposal among the residents of HRBR Layout.

When asked how BCLIP has helped him, Amith says BCLIP is where he learns and NERWA is where he implements or executes. He says BCLIP sessions inculcate a sort of responsibility in him to undertake many more such projects. He also adds, BCLIP is a formal training or education in political life and its working. His goal as a young social entrepreneur is to involve and promote young leaders and equip them with the knowledge and power for the betterment of Bangalore. With this in mind, he along with a few other BPAC and BCLIP members have launched an initiative called BYUVA which aims to bring together young like minded people who are willing to learn and give back to society.  The initiative was inaugurated on 15th August, 2014 by SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR.  As a young leader, Mr Amith knows the importance of activities which go beyond waste management, he has been the backbone for coordinating and supporting free medical camps, voter registration camps, cultural programs and being the connect between governmental agencies and the people of his ward, he was also the mind behind the Peace Auto initiative launched in Banaswadi.

Amith believes that it takes two to clap, and any problem can be solved only if the government and the citizen come together. With this objective, he has taken a plunge into active political life and will be representing the ward #27 Banaswadi as an independent candidate for the upcoming BBMP elections.  Mr Amith is an inspiring young leader who goes beyond book rules to create a better society and Bangalore combined with active social participation.