Jayalakshmi aids over 12,000 people to gain access to Yeshaswini Schemes

Bengaluru, July 16th 2016: Jayalakshmi, a member of the B.CLIP program, has helped more than 12000 people avail the benefits of Yeshaswini scheme, which aims at providing cost effective quality health care for the poor.  She also works extensively towards ensuring better quality of living for the poor in the city through the promotion of various other schemes and providing awareness on a vast range of issues.

To fuel this mission, she has become a director at Priyadarshini Weavers’ Co-operative Society. She is an active member of several other self-help groups and trains women in order to help them secure self-employment. There are several schemes meant for the poor in order to ensure they lead a dignified life, but the people never hear of these schemes, she says, adding, “Government authorities don’t disclose information to the poor about schemes like Mudra Loan or Devraj Urs or the Yeshaswini scheme.”

Aiding people to collect benefits from the Yeshaswini Scheme was a huge milestone for her, considering the fact that this scheme was totally unheard of. She didn’t stop at this though, The Mudra Loan, provided by the central government for budding businesses without the provision of collateral, was also popularized by her. Many people were recipients of the loan thanks to her continuous efforts.

Though all this has been a result of her efforts, she feels that the Government has to do more than just announcing of schemes and help encourage people like her. She says, “I understand that it’s difficult for the government to reach out to each and everybody. That’s why they should look at encouraging people who work with communities with utmost dedication and who don’t expect anything in return.”

While she has been working to extend this helping hand to others parts of the city, she has found an able partner in the B.CLIP program, which has always looked to nurture local leaders in order to benefit the larger cause of the society.  To learn more about Jayalakshmi’s work and her schemes please contact B.PAC offices.


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