Illegal Garbage Dumping Menace – Infantry Road

Ever since the garbage crisis broke out in Bengaluru, illegal dumping of waste has been a growing menace. The popular Infantry Road junction has now endured the wrath of garbage being unloaded illegally by nearby commercial complexes and residential buildings every week. The garbage dumped here has turned the prime Infantry Road junction into a black spot posing health hazards to residents of the area.

Prestige Nebula, commercial complex has been accused of illegally dumping waste on the Infantry road junction. A few active residents of the area pressed into action upon noticing the recurring issue. Sufiyan, a B.CLIP participant , who is active and watchful in his community and has recently started Civic Hub, an initiative of B.PAC and Sudarshan from from ARWA(Active Residents Welfare Association) along with the BBMP supervisor Nagaraj, Sampangiram nagar, ward 110 and health inspector Narasimaiah, BBMP took the contractors to task on 19th March.

Sufiyan had noticed 8 to 10 black plastic bags of waste being dumped near Ganesh Bagh on Infantry road. Speaking to B.PAC Sufiyan said “the garbage contractor would pick up waste from the nearby commercial building and dump it on junction”. Sufiyan sought the help of other citizens and BBMP officials to put an end to this menace. On Saturday, 19th Sufiyan and his team gathered at 5:30am to catch the perpetrators red handed. After the bags were unloaded on the junction, Sufiyan and his team opened up the waste bags and noticed that most of the dry waste such as papers, mail etc were addressed to Prestige Nebula Commercial complex. They loaded the garbage in the BBMP auto tipper and drove it to Prestige Nebula and asked the security person to call the maintenance manager, Mohammad Adil.

The maintenance manager stated that they have outsourced waste disposal to a private contractor. The group of citizens then showed the evidence that the waste was from that building. Mohammad Adil then accepted that the waste was from his building and allowed the waste to be kept within the building premises.

The building maintenance manager has tendered an apology to the residents and said that he would personally supervise the garbage pick up and make sure that the contractors are taken to task. Sufiyan says that the black spot will soon be cleared and a few residents are also guilty of throwing waste at the junction. ARWA is working towards keeping the area garbage free. They have taken up 6 road as a pilot and have adopted 2 bins 1 bag project and for the past 2 months the waste generated in the area has reduced significantly. Sufiyan has also started Civic Hub office on Infantry road.

All bulk ware generators should be alert as to whom they are entrusting their waste disposal to .illegal disposal is a big menace where unscrupulous transport contractors are dumping waste segregated by Corporate and residential apartments on the roads . Citizens and Corporate should hand over their waste on to responsible contractors after proper due diligence and they should Know where there waste is headed . We need many more alerts “Sufiyans” in the city.


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