B.PAC Sets-up Civic Hubs Across City

B.PAC is proud to announce the launch of its B.CLIP Civic Hub initiative under which 10 such hubs will be set up across the city. The first such hub was inaugurated in Sanjaynagar. 10 Participants who are actively engaged in their respective wards have been chosen by a rigorous selection criteria to lead these Civic Hubs. The participants were chosen based on their work on civic and community issues in the ward and their level of engagement with the political system. They were also assessed based on their execution capabilities at grass root level and establishing a connection with the citizens and their participation in various community improvement programs.

The objective of the Program is to strengthen the engagement of B.CLIP participants with the citizens in their wards through meaningful interventions and innovative solutions to the problems in the ward. We are very pleased that we will now have 10 leaders across the city spearheading several ward improvement initiatives. The program seeks to further the grassroots leadership capabilities of the B.CLIP participants and helping citizens to find solutions to civic problems, access to government schemes, voter registration assistance etc.

The first Civic Hub was launched today in Sanjayanagar by B.CLIP participants Subbaiah TS and Geetha G.  “We have received an enthusiastic response from the local community  and we have started running programs at our civic hub on the ban of plastic, terrace gardening, rain water harvesting etc. which creates greater awareness” said Subbaiah, B.CLIP participant and Civic Hub lead.

Subbaiah and Geetha have been actively involved in community development projects in Sanjaynagar. They have together organized ‘Walk to School’ initiative that encouraged children and their parents to walk to school on a weekly basis. They also won the ‘Neighborhood Improvement Program’ that was conducted by United Technologies (UTC). They played a key role in setting up ‘Manned Kiosks’ for segregated garbage disposal and took steps to impose the ban of use of plastic below 40 microns. Citizens of Sanjaynagar can now approach Civic Hub to tackle issues in their ward.

Other Civic hubs are coming up in Malleshwaram, Rajajinagar, HSR Layout among other areas.

About B.CLIP Civic Hub:

Civic Hub is intended to help select B.CLIP participants in establishing on ground presence and undertake civic improvement and /or community projects in their respective BBMP wards. The objective of the programme is to strengthen the engagement of B.CLIP participants with the voters in their wards through meaningful interventions  and innovative solutions to the problems in the ward. The program will further the grassroots leadership of the B.CLIP participant there by making them the go to person in the ward to address the civic problems, access  to government schemes, voter registration assistance etc.


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