The success of a program gets measured by the quality of the students that it has helped shape. When B.PAC Civic Leadership Incubator Program (B.CLIP) launched in 2014, we envisioned a program that will impact Bengaluru city through grassroots level leaders. B.PAC has been made stronger and has been able to affect more change through B.CLIP trained Civic Leaders. These Civic Leaders are making a big difference in their neighborhood. We are incredibly proud of B.CLIP Civic Leaders working at various level in our society.

Their sharp leadership skills on display during the event ‘B.CLIP MILANA’, held on November 01, 2017. Organized by B.PAC, Milana saw Batches 1 to 5 coming together and interact crossing party boundaries. The Karnataka Rajyotsava was perhaps the best occasion for all of us to come together and celebrate our City and State.

The event started off with a scrumptious and filling lunch. After a meet and greet, the program started with the speakers who have been a part of the B.CLIP classes as well, saying a few words about the occasion. Each of them highlighted the need for the intervention of the B.CLIP leaders in our democratic processes to improve the state of affairs in our city.

The event started off with the ‘lighting of the lamp’ and later paying our respects to the State by singing the state anthem.

The felicitation of the speakers was next in the form of guru pooja, the students showing their gratitude towards their mentors. Following this, they organized lots of fun activities, and every one of us had a fantastic time. The musical chair game with a twist was the highlight of the evening. Top 5 runners-up from the musical chair game were made to win the game democratically! They were made to present themselves as candidates and appeal to their fellow students to elect them as the winner.

Mr.Gangahanumaiah, from B.CLIP batch 4 emerged as the winner with the most number of votes. It was a fun exercise to bring out the political side in them.

We got to see the musical and dance skills of our students; many of them proved to be multi-faceted!
B.PAC is today proud to have been able to create this wonderful set of change makers, with a sense of humor and feet on the ground.

All in all a beautiful day spent with all of us coming together as a family. We hope to see our students reach greater heights in all their endeavors.