Bengaluru has a history of more than 500 years. Our city is losing its identity form ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’ to ‘Pollution Hub’. Little remains to mark its unique identity. We appreciate the astronomical growth our city has witnessed in the past years. But growth should not be at the cost of losing Bengaluru’s identity. The hard hitting question of, how to retain our unique identity in the vigorous path of progress led to our initiative B.Proud.

kadlekai_parishe  annamma_devi  balabrooi_guest_house

Our monuments, buildings, structures, areas, groves, hills, hillocks, waterbodies, annual events such as Kadlekai Parishe, Annamma Jaathre are part of our heritage. B.PAC with an intent to conserve the heritage of Bengaluru city have engaged with individuals and institutions who are working towards preserving the heritage of our city.

Heritage lovers of the city can now let a sigh of relief knowing that B.PAC and other similar groups are working towards protecting our city’s collective memory.