An election awareness initiative by B.PAC to encourage greater citizen participation in the electoral process


Bengaluru has entered an “electoral-hatrick year” which is a unique situation where for the next three years Bengaluru will witness elections at three levels i.e. Vidhan Sabha in 2018, Lok Sabha in 2019, and BBMP in 2020. The next three years means an electorally active and enthusiastic polity who will not leave any stone unturned to capture the attention of their voters. Similarly, even the voters must be equally active and aware so that they get over the electoral inertia and choose the right leaders who can deliver their needs through the wonderful process of elections.
Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC), has initiated the Participatory Democracy Programme (PDP), which proposes to strengthen this political engagement, promote greater citizen participation and constant interaction with the bureaucracy through sustainable and good governance propositions for building a safe, green, and vibrant Bengaluru enhancing the quality of citizens’ life. Under the aegis of the PDP initiative, B.PAC offers a comprehensive strategy to address the issue of “electoral inertia”.

Introduction to Election Habba

India is culturally synonymous with festivities and there is always large participation in any Indian festival across demographics. Using the same context, B.PAC wants to celebrate democracy through a festival, Election Habba.

Election Habba is a festival of democracy that celebrates the electoral process of this country. It is a campaign designed to seamlessly connect all the aspects of an electoral process that play a decisive role in the formation of an elected government. It seeks active participation of all stakeholders i.e. citizens, local communities’ civil society, corporate associations, welfare associations, candidates, etc, thus far who have been working in silos. In the end, it tries to usher in a new era of electoral politics of having a well-informed and enthusiastic voter leading to good governance through the election of committed and responsible leaders.

Election Habba Aims to

⦁ Create awareness about the election process

⦁ Increase voter enrolment

⦁ A forum for discussion for all stakeholders

⦁ To inform citizens about the performance of their elected leaders

⦁ Engage citizens in formulating a hyper-local citizens’ manifesto

⦁ Set up a platform for interactions with citizens and nominated candidates

⦁ Endorse and support candidates

⦁ Maximize voter participation during elections

⦁ Continued engagement with elected representatives post elections to facilitate neighborhood development during their term in office


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Bengaluru has shown poor voter turnout in the past, 47.22%, and 58.27% respectively during the 2008 and 2013 Assembly elections. This time around will Bengaluru citizens respond and raise it to 65%.

Election Habba aims to maximize voter participation through the above set of activities.

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