To enhance the quality of life of citizens, promote and sustain good governance practices and policies for the economic competitiveness, social well-being, and inclusive growth of the city through strengthening political engagement, encouraging greater citizen participation and constant interaction with the bureaucracy, as defined in the B.PAC’s Agenda for Bengaluru.

One of the Pillars of our PDP program is Know Your Leader: Continued Engagement with Elected Representatives. Keeping this in mind, our flagship Corporator Engagement Program [CEP] aims to connect the citizens and their ward level elected leaders. To provide a platform for the Corporators to showcase their ward-level works and also obtain accurate information about them.

This initiative allows the citizens to know the works undertaken by the Corporator and be able to contact them for further information on the projects.

The list of Corporators who have signed up for the program is listed below. They have pledged their support towards making their ward works public and provide information for the dashboard.

Corporator Name                            Ward                                     Party

Umesh Shetty                                 Govindraj Nagar                              BJP

Rajendra Kumar                             Nandini Layout