B.PAC and BBMP release report on Pourakarmikas work related survey

Bangalore Political Action Committee ( B.PAC) joined hands with BBMP in conducting a survey to identify pourakarmikas work-related details and challenges. This six-week survey was conducted by B.PAC’s , 41 BCLIP civic leaders in Dec 2021 & Jan 2022. The survey covered 711 pourakarmikas, across 8 zones, and 62 wards. The BCLIP leaders who work tirelessly in their respective wards and constituencies have a good understanding of issues in the wards and BBMP felt they would be best placed for conducting this survey.

The survey gathered data on demographics, work related responses, salary related issues, support program and BBMP Benefits awareness, grievance redressal, about mustering points and other relevant information. Amongst the respondents, 75% were women, over 60% were in the age group of 30-45 years and 88% had over 5 years of service as pourakarmikas

The Key positive points were in following areas:

  1. One of the biggest findings that few years earlier, regular salary payment to Pourakarmikas was a contentious issue. 99% respondents said they get salary regularly deposited in their bank account directly
  2. 98% respondents said they give biometric attendance every day
  3. 90% respondents have informed they regularly getting Mid-Day meals served at 11:00 am. 46% respondents said they get good quality food served and 30% respondents said quality of food served is very good

The key pain points were in four areas:

  1. Access to toilet and drinking water where 76% respondents said they do not have access to toilet facility and drinking water during work. Major reason stated was that ‘no public toilets close by” or toilets were far from working place.
  2. There were some mixed response on safety gears being provided to pourakarmikas. While BBMP provides an allowance of Rs 200 per month for safety gears, there were no uniformity in terms of what gears and how they should source it. Major items relate to brooms, gloves, uniform, raincoat etc
  3. Overall, only 58% respondents were aware of BBMP’s benefits relating to ESI, PF and Gratuity Fund, annual medical check-up etc. Over 75 % of the respondents who were aware had not used the services of ESI hospital either because they were not aware of the list of ESI hospitals, or they preferred going to a private hospital for treatment. A third of the total respondents were not aware of their ESI/PF numbers. Almost all respondents were unaware about education benefits offered for their children.
  4. There were a small percentage of respondents who referred to verbal harassment by supervisors and didn’t know how to take up complaints or had issues related to distant mustering point etc.

BBMP senior officials with whom the detailed survey report was shared have noted the pain points for action. BBMP is identifying mustering points and public space where they can set up  Suvidha Cabins for pourakarmikas which will have toilet facility, drinking water and  changing room etc. This is a  new initiative being rolled out. BCLIP Leaders will assist BBMP is identifying locations for 211 Suvidha Cabins.

BBMP is also confirming that a major awareness program will be rolled out  for all pourakarmikas ,both on safety gear guidelines ,on medical check-ups and on all the BBMP benefits related to ESI/PF /Gratuity Fund etc

BBMP is also working to identify zone wise leads to whom the pourakarmikas can refer their complaints and seek redressal.

This BPAC survey helped identify what’s working well and what needs to be actioned for improving  work related issues of pourakarmikas.


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