Public Leadership Workshops

B.PAC has been hosting public leadership workshops in response to requests from organisations to  create competent leaders who uphold the principles of good public leadership.

The core objective of these supervised workshops is to assist the leaders in understanding the fundamentals of public leadership, media and stakeholder engagement, Bengaluru history, and other pertinent topics that can guide them on their journey in public life.


  • Create leadership capacity at the municipal level to enable better city governance.
  • Understand the complexities and dynamics of managing a ward, a city and its activities.
  • Aspire to public offices in the city.
  • Governance with capability and integrity.
  • Act as representatives of citizens in the interaction with the political leadership of the city.
  • Participate in the political process to improve governance.

Public Leadership program

The Public Leadership program is a thorough and holistic amalgam of theoretical and practical exercises designed to provide participants a general understanding of politics, public administration, and public policy. Curriculum development and instructional activities are carried out in conjunction and coordination with B.PAC.


Public Leadership Workshops are separate from the B.PAC’s Flagship Program, B.CLIP. This 2/4 day session covers the fundamentals of public leadership and engagement. Participants in this program will not be regarded as B.CLIP Civic Leaders, and no certifications will be given for such status.


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