#ProudMathadara campaign on Voting Day

This is the conclusion to Election Habba’s chapter and we end it by celebrating after voting on the 18th. On this day, every citizen who has cast their vote can share their moment of pride by sharing a picture of their inked finger using the hashtag #ProudMatadhara on their social media. The pics can be of individuals or of groups. B.PAC has prepared a special filter on Facebook for these pictures to show solidarity among the voters and for trending online. Voters can also share their experiences and urge people who have not voted to vote. Below are the steps to get your very own filter:

Steps to be followed:

1. Take a picture with the inked finger.

2. Upload on Facebook

3. Use the “B.PAC Proud Mathadara“ filter

4. Share the same online using the #ProudMathadara hashtag.