P C Mohan

Contesting Seat: Bangalore Central

Party: BJP

Education:Intermediate, Educated at Vijaya College, Bangalore.

Age: 51

Assets: 47,57,96,999 (47 Crore+)

Positions held:

1999-2008: Mohan has been a member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on two earlier terms

MP since: 2009

MP Performance in the Parliament:

P.C. Mohan’s attendance card reads fairly consistently, with over 70% attendance for 10 of the 15 sessions. However, in the Budget Sessions of 2013 and 2010, that percentage reduced significantly to 28% and 53% respectively. Mohan has been part of only five debates.

With respect to questions asked, Mohan comes pretty close to the national average, but is significantly lower than that of the number of questions asked by other Karnataka MPs.

MPLAD funds utilization

P C Mohan has utilized close to 80% of the MPLAD funds allotted to him during the five years that he has been an MP. In terms of maximum money spent, ‘civic amenities’ are the largest account head, amounting to Rs.7 crore. Under this account head, construction of community/cultural centres is the most prominent item.

Mohan has also spent over Rs. 6.5 crore on education. This mainly includes the construction and repair of classrooms and school buildings all over his constituency.

In terms of maximum no of projects, ‘water’ account head tops with 67 projects. Water projects typically consist of providing funds to sink bore wells and providing pump sets. As per the MPLAD fund data for Mohan, the sinking of each bore well usually costed about Rs. 5 lakh.

The MP has also supplied health equipment to two hospitals with a total cost of Rs.116 lakh. Mohan has also funded the construction of ‘toilet complexes’ to the tune of Rs. 101 lakh.

 Details on high liabilities of P. C. Mohan (Over 1 Crore):

Name Constituency PartyName Movable Assets(Rs) ImmovableAssets (Rs) Total Assets (Rs) Liabilities (Rs)
P. C. Mohan Bangalore Central BJP 26,45,17,399 21,12,79,600 47,57,96,99947 Crore+ 26,11,11,28526 Crore+


Asset Comparison:

Party in



Party in Lok Sabha 2009 Constituency InLoksabha 2014 Constituency InLoksabha 2009 Assets inLoksabha 2014 Assets in LokSabha 2009 Asset Increase% % Increase inAsset
BJP BJP Bangalore Central Bangalore Central 47,57,96,99947 Crore+ 5,37,29,0005 Crore+ 42,20,67,99942 Crore+ 786%