Accused in cases 0
No cases convicted 0
Serious IPC counts 0


  • Restored a 30 year old ground level reservoir to store 11 lakh litres of water.
  • Improved the infrastructure to over five schools in Malleshwaram
  • Built a 2000 book library as part of the Seva Kendra
  • Has promised to implement “Neighbourhood Watch / Eye” initiatives and illuminate streets well.
  • He promises to ensure there is accountability for water, will minimize wastages from present 40% to 15% and therefore ensure a stable and sustainable supply of water

Declared Assets

Assets (in Rs)
Assets (in Rs)
Assets (in Rs)
(in Rs)
3,99,79,322.0 11,93,41,000.0 15,93,20,322.0 6,39,85,840.0 2013

Detailed Performance Report

Better Employment Opportunities 6.5
Eradication of Corruption 5.2
Water Supply and Quality 5.9
Reservation for Jobs and Education 5.7
Public Facilities I Basic Amenities – Parks, Public Toilets, Quality Footpaths, etc. 5.6
Zoning Regulations 5.9

Source: Daksh Citizen Survey , Citizen Matters
Response to B.PAC questionnaire on the candidate’s agenda.