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How Congestion Pricing can help Tackle Bengaluru’s Traffic Problems

Bengaluru has been officially declared as the most congested city in the world, as per the TomTom Traffic Index report in January 2020. The report says, “Commuters in Bengaluru spend an extra 243 hours and 71% travel time stuck in the traffic.” 1 According to the latest report by the specialist in geolocation technologies, TomTom, revealed that Bengaluru's city centre [...]

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Where There Is A Bus, There Is A Sustainable Way: Bengaluru’s Bus Priority Lanes

In November 2019, The Directorate of Urban Land and Transport (DULT), a statewide nodal agency formally announced the commencement of an integrated pilot project; ‘Cities on the Move Challenge- Where there is a bus, there is a way’. This infrastructural project was a cognizant step towards sustainable mobility and comprehensive mobility planning in the state of Karnataka. This Bus Priority [...]

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Citizen engagement to accelerate sustainable urban mobility in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, as a smart city has been equipping itself with a wide range of infrastructure facilities. But, the city can benefit from the progress only if the development is incorporated sustainably. Urban transport is one such aspect that requires a sustainable approach, i.e. accessible, affordable, efficient and environment-friendly transportation in the city. In Bengaluru, the experience is opposite to [...]

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Facilitating the Development of an EV Ecosystem in Bengaluru

Going Beyond Fossil Fuels The global adoption of EVs (electric vehicles) is gathering momentum quickly. Rising fuel costs, the push for greener initiatives, changing consumer interests, and national regulations and policies have all contributed to the exponential rise of electric vehicles in Bangalore. It has also led many businesses to embrace EVs for their fleets. Known for their high fuel [...]

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The BMLTA Bill An End To Bengaluru’s Long-Standing Battle With Traffic Issues

“Creation of UMTA (renamed as BMLTA) for the city is necessary as per guidelines from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and the National Urban Transport Policy. In this regard, the BMLTA is to be created by an act.” -  Chief Secretary, Vandita Sharma Among the various monikers that Bengaluru has acquired over time, ‘The Most Traffic Congested [...]

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