About Kavitha Reddy

Kavitha Reddy is a B.CLIP 2 participant and Lake Activist.

Failing The Lakes!

Failing to plan is planning to fail, the quote that best describes the management of Lakes in Bengaluru. Once upon a time, we were a city of 1000 Lakes and what is seen now is a weak attempt to save the 280 odd lakes that have turned into sewage pools. As the voices that are fighting to save the lakes [...]

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Right to Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is still a great challenge in the country; in 2008, 96 per cent of urban Indian and 84 percent of rural India had access to improved water averaging to 88 per cent which is a drastic improvement from 72 per cent in 1990. But unfortunately 67 per cent of Indian households do not treat their drinking water, [...]

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Bengaluru: Water Matters

Quenching Bengalureans’ thirst and supplying tap water to the city is the most expensive affair, and is dipping into the BWSSB finances on a daily basis.A hike in water rates by the BWSSB is always condemned, followed by a massive outrage in the media, and then it ends in political fireworks and a price roll back. Everyday 900-1000 Million Litres [...]

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