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A Citizen’s At Home Checklist To Remain Environment-Conscious During A Pandemic

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The world is suffering from a pandemic, and there does not seem to be a way out anytime soon. The internet is filled with suggestions that one could implement to stay positive, both physically and mentally and away from boredom. It has suggestions to try out all sorts of activities, i.e. new food recipes, games, old tell-tales, self-care for [...]

Water Security

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Changing rain patterns and an increase in temperature are being seen and felt by most of us Bengalureans. But we don’t ponder in length about its long term consequences to our way of life. Climate Change is real, and it’s happening! Water is one of the critical resources which is facing scarcity in the current environmental climate. Given the [...]

The Future of Youth Vote in India

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India’s 2019 General Elections has recently concluded, and the country has experienced its highest voter turnout in decades. Of these, the votes of the ‘youth’ (which can be loosely defined as those between the ages of 18 and 25) have played a significant part in shaping the outcome of the election.  With a median age of 29, India is [...]

Property Tax Collection in Bengaluru

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Property Tax is arguably the most important source of revenue for local municipal bodies. It is the only major source of revenue for such governing bodies and the only one which has the potential to grow as the city grows. The justification for charging a hefty property tax is based on two reasons.  One pays property tax because they have [...]

BBMP Ward Committees

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Ward Committees are an effective concept for citizen engagement at the ward level and critical to our local self-governance in the municipalities. They help in the decentralization of functions and provide better supervision for Ward governance.  Composition and functions of a Ward Committee are outlined in the 74th Constitutional amendment to ensure that there is equal representation for all sections [...]