About Bina C Balakrishnan

Bina C. Balakrishnan – Consultant, Sustainable Transportation Policy, Planning & Management.

Mobility in Bengaluru

In the transportation context, mobility refers to the movement of people. In the 1970’s and 80’s, it was common to hear people ask, “Are you mobile?” or “How mobile are you?” This invariably implied, “Do you have a set of wheels to take you where you need to go?” The reference was invariably to motorised transport, whether 2 wheels or [...]

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Road Transportation Issues in Bengaluru

Driving on the streets of Bengaluru requires a particular set of skills – and a key skill seems to be how to survive in an environment that does not seem to have any rules! The extreme congestion during peak hours and all day congestion in certain sections of the roads can be categorised under the “3 Es”: Engineering, Education & [...]

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