About Ananda Gundurao

An alumnus of IIM Bangalore in addition to formal education in science & engineering, he has 30+ years of experience in the corporate sector working in a wide range of industries that include paints, paper, synthetic rubber, organic chemicals, textiles and software.

Environment Protection: can we?

Recently held Paris summit provided a platform for the Nations of the world to come to agreement on steps necessary to protect our environment by limiting carbon emissions; it aims to limit global warming and its estimated impact by limiting consumption of fossil fuels by the year 2030 and stabilize from thereon. This is a well intentioned statement of intent [...]

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Road Safety and Me? Must be Kidding

Back in 80’s I used to drive with my boss, a man of brilliant mind, to workplace; this was following our decision to share the car on alternate days to save on petrol (mark of patriotism of those times when strife in the Middle East caused petroleum prices to shoot up). Being new to driving, I received a piece of [...]

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How Technology can Empower Farmers

Correlation between economic opportunities and spread of technology is a well established principle around the world. India, with its exponential rise in the use of wireless telephony matched with rural penetration is on a cusp to provide this economic access to the rural populace. Particularly heartening is the Government’s stated objective to provide broadband digital access through various policy interventions. [...]

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