Master Green Ambassador2018-11-27T12:11:42+05:30

Master Green Ambassador Program in association with Shell MRPL Aviation fuels

Green Ambassadors training & presentations on the findings of the door-to-door awareness drive conducted in Kadu Malleshwaram were presented to Manjunath Raju, Corporator of the ward in the presence of Konduri Lakshminarayana, CEO of Shell MRPL and Revathy Ashok, CEO B.PAC. Four college students who are active participants of the Green Ambassador program (GAP) presented their findings. The drive covered 10% of the ward and it was found that 85% of residents were aware that waste segregation is mandatory while 75% were aware of the fine in case of non-compliance. Lack of awareness and resistance to change were cited as the reasons for not taking up waste segregation; however, 89% of households in the ward reported that they segregated waste. The presentation finally closed with some suggestions on how to improve implementation. Some of these included increasing awareness in wards, provision of separate bins by BBMP and teaching students about waste management.

B.PAC hope to extend these initiatives to the rest of the Bengaluru city over a period of time.