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Sharath S. R.

Employee# 1. In House Buddha. The Doer 

The go to guy who is as passionate about Politics as he is about Namma Bengaluru.

Manages overall Operations and Regulatory Affairs.

Sushma Mahabala

Theater Enthusiast. Youngest of the lot. Civil Engineer by Chance.

Environmental engineer by choice. On a personal agenda to make city safer for children.

Leads B.SAFE & Co-ordinates the B.GREEN programs.

Raghavendra H.S

Bengaluriga, In house Media-Guru,  People person.

Having worked with media houses and political leaders, he believes in the difference that media and political will can make for Bengaluru.

Leads B.CLIP program.

Harshitha Venkatesh

Politics, Policy Aficionado. Caffeine addict.

Biotech Engineer on paper. Passionate about helping elected representatives deliver better.

Coordinates political engagement programs.

Swaroop Subbaiah

In-house DJ, Foodie, Galli Cricketer.

Journalist by chance. Keen on learning everything about Namma Bengaluru .

Coordinates communication and outreach .



Pseudo Biker, Usherer Par Excellence .